In 2010, “Innovation, Achievement and Respect” actively working with the principles of public life began DDW is a PR company that promises to lead the services sector and business partners.

The product is converted to public partnership with DDW Friendship, Communication Studies at the same University training in Dania Wales, it was founded by Dale Johnson and Walter Garcia partnership. DDW publicly called “Success and Dignity”, which means public words with the initials of the names of the three partners (D-anie, D-ale and Wi-alter) was born from the combination of the names of our company owners.

Classic PIR technology by following a path out of the way and bringing together the public domain bmet by advertising and promotional who partners with us regarding companies target audiences.

Our company PR (Public Relations), Strategic Communications, Corporate Communications, Internal Communications, Online PR, Subject and Agenda Management, Media Communication, Leader Communications, Crisis Communications provides services in brand and communication matters.

Our Service Producing Method

Offering innovation and dignity in all areas of public services produced together DDW, software professionals living in different countries, has an extensive online employment network with media professionals and copywriters. Our company adopted the discipline of a free working life is aware that earned reputation for innovation and success in every area of life.

Our Vision

Alenn DDW tries to simplify people’s lives. Knowing that a manufacturer needs to communicate with the owner of a fundamental mechanism that holds together opens the way to deliver services to the target audience. This way when opening act in the framework of ethical values and will always try to offer new and better one.

Our Mission

Combining the traditional with the experience and reputation with the public DDW new wealth and success, it therefore serves as an example of corporate identity and create projects that generate about.
A wide range of successful, and respected identities provided by Alenn DDW believes that cooperation.

You can contact with us for everything you want to share.

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