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Alenn DDW was created by experienced visa experts. The information on Alenn DDW sites is not the official statements of consulates. Alenn DDW sites are prepared by visa specialists to inform visa applicants. The fact that the websites connected to Alenn DDW are not the official websites of diplomatic missions in the country is expressed under our pages.

Alenn DDW is created to provide people who wish to travel abroad with information concerning  detailed information on the travel procedures; contact information of consulates, addresses, transportation maps and working hours. We have also provided you with information about what documents are required for your visa processing according to your intention to travel (tourist, business, visit, transit) and visa application procedures.

You can get advice from our websites on airline tickets, hotel reservations and visa procedures before your travels abroad. You can find all the practical information you need during your stay in the cities you will visit abroad from our web sites that we have prepared to make your travels easier.

What is Alenn DDW?

Starting to work actively with the principles of "innovation, success and respect" in 2010, Alenn DDW, is a PR company that pioneers the service sector to its business partners. Alenn DDW, a product of friendship becoming a partnership, was founded by Danie Galler, Dalena Johnson and Walter Garcia in the same university, who studied Communication Science. Alenn DDW was born from the combination of the Alenn word meaning "success and dignity" and the initials of three partner names (D-anie, D-alena and W-alter).

Our company aims to contribute to the freedom of the global world by bringing together the technology and the public sphere by following a route other than the classical public relations methods and introducing the companies that have partnership with us in advertising and promotion to the target groups. Our company provides services in Public Relations, Strategic Communication, Corporate Communication, Internal Communication, Online PR, Subject and Agenda Management, Media Communication, Leader Communication, Crisis Communication and Brand Communication.

Advertising on Alenn DDW

Alenn DDW is a company that produces appropriate advertisements for the needs and visions of its customers through AR-GE studies. Alenn DDW is an independent company and has no relationship with any public institution. With a long history and a prestigious position in the field, our company offers reliable services to companies in international relations, trade, education and tourism. You can contact us to take advantage of our services. In order to advertise on the sites linked to our company, you can reach our authorities from "contact" section and you can get detailed information about the advertising conditions.

Our method of producing services

Offering innovation and prestige in all areas of its services, Alenn DDW has a wide online employment network with software experts, media experts and copywriters living in different countries of the world. Our company, which adopts a free disciplinary approach in its working life, aware that success in all areas of life can be achieved with innovation and respect.

Our vision

Alenn DDW works to make people's lives easier. Knowing that communication is the basic mechanism that keeps the needy and the manufacturer together, it opens the way to reach the target group. While opening this path, it moves within the framework of ethical values ​​and always works to present the new and good ones.

Our mission

Offering the experience and reputation of the traditional one with the richness and the success of the new one, Alenn DDW is an example of the projects that it produces and the corporate identity it creates. Alenn DDW believes that a successful and respected identity will be achieved through extensive cooperation.


You can help us to make sure that visa applicants do their visa transactions in the most accurate way. Please fill in the contact form at and contact us if you have any questions or missing information. Alenn DDW will conduct a comprehensive review, by taking into account your recommendations, as soon as possible and will share with you the confirmed information. Our goal is to ensure that our citizens get the most accurate and practical information.

(*) The websites connected with Alenn DDW were established with the intention of providing information and receiving advertisements. Although Alenn DDW tries to keep the information up-to-date, the site owner is not responsible if the information is updated. The most accurate and up-to-date information can be reached from the official websites of the Embassies / Consulates or by calling the Embassies / Consulates.

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